Why Buy Used Auto Parts or Used Truck Parts?

Used parts, or previously owned auto parts, are removed from older
Vehicles by professional at Cambridge Auto Wreckers.

These older vehicles, they are more likely late model total loss vehicles acquired from the insurance industry. The important thing for any buyer to remember is that no matter what the overall condition of the older vehicle, there are always many good usable parts left on it. These parts are cleaned, tested and entered into our inventory system.


What do you get when you order a Used Auto Part or Used Truck Part?



• Used Auto Parts are made by the OEM’s to fit your vehicle – they came from the same year, make and model that you are replacing on you vehicle.
• They are OEM parts – you just don’t have to pay OEM prices and you get to smile all the way to the bank!
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer


• Used Auto Parts are priced according to supply and demand, but generally
you can expect to save on average at least 50% or more from the cost of a similar new OEM part.
• Used Auto Parts are often sold as an assembly, so if you order a door for example, you get more than just the shell of the door, you get the glass, trim, switches, handles, buttons, etc…
Providing an even larger money savings incentive.
• Used Auto Parts or Used Truck parts usage means more money savings for your family in these tough times we’re facing today.


• Used Auto Parts & Used Truck Parts are available every day of the year, make and model of newer and late vehicles. If they built it, Cambridge Auto Wreckers will have the part for you.
• With so many makes and models to maintain inventory for, OEM suppliers
can’t keep all parts in stock. That’s where Used Auto Parts & Used Truck Parts shine. Cambridge Auto Wreckers carry inventory for the widest possible mix of vehicles – foreign and domestic, car and truck. By using our state of the art inventory system, if it’s out there we’ll find the part for you!


• Cambridge Auto Wreckers provides our customer with a warranty and guarantee. Just ask!

Environmentally Responsible

• Used Auto Parts or Used Truck Parts represent an environmental savings by avoiding the environmental impact of having to make a new OEM part or aftermarket part.
• Auto Recyclers are a major supplier of cores for the rebuilding industry,
further providing an environmental savings.
• Modern Auto Recyclers must meet stringent national, regional and local
environmental regulations, often exceeding the legal requirements with best
practices and voluntary programs.
Used Auto Parts or Used Truck Parts, purchased from Cambridge Auto Wreckers, are a great alternative to new parts.



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